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Online Model Student Handbook

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The Illinois Principals Association is proud to offer you the IPA's Online Model Student Handbook (MSH). This cost effective service provides you with quick, user-friendly access to model student handbook procedures that are attorney drafted and fully aligned with PRESS, the Illinois Association of School Board's school district policy service as well as state, federal and case law that change on a frequent basis.

(Note: Subscriptions must be purchased for an entire district.  Individual school building subscriptions are no longer offered.)

1 - 3 buildings in district = $100 per building annually
4 - 5 buildings in district = $350 total cost annually
6+    buildings in district = $550 total cost annually

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The MSH is not meant to replace your school’s handbook

It is a tool to assist in making sure that your school’s handbook is up-to-date and legally compliant. The MSH can be best used as follows:

  • To search for new handbook procedures that your school needs.
  • To compare your existing handbook procedures with model handbook procedures.
  • To update your handbook for the next school year.
  • To make sure your handbook has all procedures required by law that change often.

Additional services offered by the Online Model Student Handbook include

  • A frequently updated listing of handbook revisions made necessary by new state and federal laws and court cases.
  • A comprehensive checklist of notices that schools and districts are required to provide to students and parents.
  • Need a handbook procedure that is not listed?  We will be happy to assist you with developing your own custom policies.

Save Time!  Save Money!  Stay Legal!

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