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IPA Conferences

IPA offers the Education Leaders Fall Conference in October.  This conference is a two-and-a-half day event and will be held in Springfield, IL through 2018.  Approximately 700 educational leaders attend annually to hear outstanding educational leaders; participate in educational sessions on how they can better serve their schools; attend one of the largest educational exhibits in Illinois; and to network.

IPA also offers an Education Leaders Summer Conference in June.  This one-and-a-half day event is held at the Hilton Hotel in Lisle.  Approximately 150 Building Administrators attend annually to hear outstanding educational leaders; participate in educational sessions and to network with colleagues across the state.  This conference is great to attend with your education team since it is held during the summer. 

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Administrator Academies

IPA offers more than 150 administrator academies throughout the school year covering topics including social media, PARCC, PERA, leading professional development and so much more. A full listing of dates and subjects can be found here. A PDF catalog of IPA's Winter 2016-2017 academies can be downloaded here.

Academies are delivered in a variety of ways, ensuring you get the professional development you want and need.

  • Traditional face-to-face academies are scheduled throughout the state for those who enjoy this style of learning. IPA Field Staff will be on hand to ensure the quality and ease of your professional development experience.
  • Online academies offer the opportunity to get administrator academy credit without having to leave the district. Lasting 3 hours in the morning, plus additional pre- and post-academy work, IPA's online academies gives busy administrators a great way to get their annual administrator academy credit. 
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District Site Professional Development

The professional development schools want, when they want it, all without having to leave their building.

That’s the promise of IPA’s District Site professional development. IPA’s District Site program was developed in response to schools’ evolving professional needs. Working with IPA, schools have access to a vast pool of high-quality education practitioners and presenters. Because of IPA’s status as an approved professional development provider for Illinois, these workshops can qualify for both administrator academy credit and PD Hours, allowing the full staff to receive credit from the state of Illinois for their attendance.

There is a minimum number of attendees required, but the more attendees a school can provide, the lower the cost is per attendee. Schools can even partner together to bring the cost down. 

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Ed Leaders Network

Ed Leaders Network (ELN) is a collaborative effort between IPA and 12 other state principal’s associations to create high quality, on-demand professional development for educators. The growing ELN library currently features more than 300 webinars on the latest educational topics. Each webinar is between 10 - 20 minutes in length to fit within an educators busy schedule and provide “just-in-time” learning opportunities from any device.

ELN user groups can be purchased at the school or district level, giving administrators “manager” privileges to create custom content, assign targeted PD, and track viewing completion for the entire group.

*The Illinois State Board of Education is providing ELN access to ALL public school administrators and ALL STAFF within districts identified as receiving Priority or Focus support through FY18, pending annual appropriation.

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Mentoring/New Administrators

The trained and experienced mentor will provide a wide variety of support including instructional and collaborative goal setting, action planning, and monitoring of results and impact. Mentoring will be provided to support the new administrator in not only meeting daily responsibilities for operations, management, supervision, and teacher development, but also to create a positive school culture and establish performance expectations and supports to ensure sustained success.

IPA also provides a two-day new administrator program during the summer and a year-long webinar series covering the topics new administrators need to know but might not.

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Leadership Coaching

The trained and experienced coach will support and facilitate the refinement of leadership impact, providing reflective and collaborative coaching that raise the level of insight and strategic decision making and planning in order to stretch and achieve desired goals and performance. Coaching will be tailored to meet the specific needs, from supporting ongoing growth and improvement, to developing skills and abilities in order to implement new initiatives, to moving to distinguished performance.

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