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New Principal Mentoring

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Provide your first and second year Principals and Assistant Principals the support and resources they need with the IPA's New Principal Mentoring Program.  The program's goal is to help burgeoning leaders thrive in their new positions so they can advance learning, innovation, and global citizenry in their schools through effective educational leadership. Research and exemplary practice have proven beyond any doubt that mentoring new administrators is essential in supporting increased performance as well as extending years in the role.  The key to supporting leaders is helping them to reflect on practice, analyze strengths and areas for improvement, and collaborating to develop specific strategies to reach higher levels of performance.  A trained and experienced mentor will provide strategic probing and reflection, feedback and guided planning, and the support and motivation to sustain the administrator in ongoing leadership development.

New principals, assistant and associate principals, and administrators face new tasks, responsibilities, and decisions on a regular basis and need an “expert” to not only coach but to mentor and provide instructional mentoring.  As part of the comprehensive leadership development offered by the Illinois Principals Association, highly trained and experienced mentors are available to IPA professional development program participants and districts.

Mentoring Services Include

In supporting and developing the performance of the new administrator, the mentor will provide expertise in the administrator’s specific role and needs as well as in the school/district stage of development and situation.  The new administrator will receive a wide variety of mentoring support including instructional and collaborative goal setting, action planning, and monitoring of results and impact.  Mentoring will be provided to support the new administrator in not only meeting daily responsibilities for operations, management, supervision, and teacher development, but also to create a positive school culture and establish performance expectations and supports to ensure sustained success.

The Mentor Will:

  • Provide 40 hours of mentoring
  • Conduct a minimum of three onsite mentoring sessions, one of which will be with the mentor and the IPA Field Services Coordinator
  • Complete the Mentoring Log, including Goals and Action Plans
  • Establish environmental intelligence regarding building, operations, staff, students, parents, community and school culture and environment
  • Effectively advise and support the new administrator in decision making, strategic planning and actions
  • Provide expertise and guidance in the use of tools such as Self-Assessments, Professional Development Plan, and Mid-Year and End- of- the- Year Progress Assessments
  • Provide instructional, collaborative, and reflective mentoring to develop leadership and strategic plans to increase staff capacity for change and increased performance
  • Mentor and guide in creating and establishing a school vision and mission, goals, policies, procedures, structures and strategies to observe and support teacher development
  • Mentor and assist in the development of a professional network of support
  • Provide mentoring which is tailored to meet  the specific needs of the new administrator through face-to-face meetings, webinars, phone meetings, and attendance at meetings or professional development activities with the administrator.  Mentors will be matched with school leaders based the on grade level(s), needs and experiences, community, and geography.  Consideration for matching will also address the following issues and topics:

    • General Leadership
    • Climate and Culture
    • Family and Community Engagement
    • School Improvement Planning and Implementation
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Teacher Evaluation and Capacity Building
    • Assessment
    • Operations and Management
    • Other Critical Issues of Concern


Additional Services Include

  • Full access to the Ed Leaders Network (ELN).
  • Inclusion in the ELN Connect New Leader Community providing the opportunity to collaborate with new leaders and mentors from around the state and nation
  • A growing library of resources available in the New Leader Community to assist Principals and Assistant Principals in their first year and beyond.
  • Regional support from IPA Field Coordinators and Association Leaders.
  • Legal support from the IPA's General Counsel.
  • And More!

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