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New Leader Webinar Series

The Illinois Principals Association is offering an opportunity for new school leaders to gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel through our New Leaders Webinar series for the second year in a row. Over the course of 9 monthly webinars, new leaders will learn about building relationships, setting priorities, and growing as a leader. IPA members can attend all 9 sessions for $49! Non-IPA members can attend all 10 sessions for $99. (Free for New Leaders Symposium Attendees and those receiving IPA mentoring services.)

Dates: 1 per month (September 2016 - May 2017)
Times: 9:30 am to 10:30 am
Cost: $49 IPA Members / $99 Non-members (Free for New Leaders Symposium Attendees and those receiving IPA mentoring services.)

September 21, 2016 - Building A+ Relationships by Jim Burgett
Building strong and healthy relationships is the foundation of successful leadership.
  • Learn how to make people like and respect you
  • Discover how to move people to your way of thinking
  • Build relationships without conflict
October 12, 2016 - Changing Lanes to Excellent: Effective Literacy Instruction in Domain 3 by Gail Huizinga

The session highlights what evaluators should see in highly engaged classroom literacy instruction and how administration can lead staff in “changing lanes” within Domain 3. Utilizing the elements of Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Effective Teaching, the session goals are to acknowledge and stress the interconnectedness of the four domains as well as provide instructional examples to support best practice in literacy.

November 9, 2016 - Coaching Teachers for High Performance by Don Anderson
Motivate, support, and push all staff to attain maximum performance levels through:
  • Use of four coaching approaches
  • Application of coaching language
  • Addressing variables that guide differentiated coaching
December 7, 2016 - Time Management: Accomplish More with Less Stress by Don Anderson

Time and task management is essential in attaining full potential for productivity and leadership as well as sustaining high levels of performance with minimum stress and effort. In this webinar, we will:

  • Create a mindset and culture to effectively use energy and time
  • Explore and develop time and task management strategies as well as gain awareness of pitfalls to avoid
  • Prioritize and align our tasks, responsibilities, and goals for maximum results
January 18, 2017 - Interview - Identifying the Best Candidates by CeCe Coffey

Gain an understanding of practices and processes which will yield a viable candidate pool as well as involve your staff in the identification and selection of new teachers.

  • Identify tools that will assist in reviewing resumes and applications
  • Consider how and when to involve staff in the hiring process
  • Review ways to incorporate demonstration lessons in the interview cycle
February 8, 2017 - Setting Priorities: Taking Care of You by Jim Burgett
Your first priority in effective leadership is taking care of YOU!
  • Thinking about control
  • Focus on 5 areas of wellness
  • Improve effective leadership
March 8, 2017 - Violence in Schools: Strategies for Students and Staff by Judy Brunner and Dennis Lewis
  • Best practices
  • Current research related to threatening behaviors
  • Practical suggestions for training students and staff
April 26, 2017 - Ending with the Beginning in Mind by Hattie Doyle

The end of the school year poses many challenges to the first year administrator: preparing a building budget, identifying and prioritizing student, staff, and building needs, and hiring new staff. But wait, there is are simultaneously keeping students, staff, and yourself focused on successfully completing the current school year. This webinar will provide participants with:

  • Tips for organizing and implementing identified needs in your building
  • Tools for identifying and prioritizing needs for the next school year
  • Self-Reflection activities to help guide you through changes you would like to make for the upcoming school year based on actions/reactions from your first year as an administrator
May 17, 2017 - BREATHE - A Guide for the School Leader's "Retreat" by Lynda Williams
In this webinar, school leaders will learn how to BREATHE, and experience a self-led "retreat" designed to replenish energy, and renew focus during the summer months. It is vital to set aside time, and space to rejuvenate in preparation for the new school year. Learn strategies to create balance throughout your work.


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