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Illinois Principals Foundation


Good schools start with good principals. A principal is an educator, a leader, a mentor, and much more. But one thing is certain: good principals are a key factor for good schools. Research has found that the most significant educational advances happen in the buildings where students and administrators interact.

And that is our goal: to help principals across the state become the best they can be, by giving them tools to expand their horizons, learn from each other and help them interact more effectively with students.

The Illinois Principals Foundation was originally established to fund research and monographs in the areas of school improvement, educational leadership and the principalship. It has allowed continuing education opportunities for the best principals in Illinois to become mentors and trainers for other principals. Recently, the Foundation has supported continuing education for IPA members through the John Ourth/Fred Singleton Professional Development Scholarships and providing resources to conference attendees. Additionally, support has been given to Illinois students through the Kids Helping Kids project. The Illinois Principals Foundation is “Providing resources to strengthen school leadership in Illinois,” and has the following goals:

  • Support professional development for school administrators,
  • Maintain a professional development resource library,
  • Support and disseminate research and best practices on school improvement, leadership and the principalship,
  • Provide resources for schools to develop innovative practices,
  • Develop an annual special project that will benefit the membership of the IPA,
  • and Support the needs of Illinois schoolchildren through special projects.


How Can You Help?

Support of generous contributors like you enables us to provide the programs that help support and encourage principals of schools all over Illinois. This support, in turn, allows principals to improve their schools and teaching environments. The investment you make today will help your community and those all over Illinois for generations of students.

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For more information about contributing to the Illinois Principals Foundation, please contact:

Jason Leahy, Executive Director
Illinois Principals Association
2940 Baker Drive
Springfield, IL 62703

Foundation Trustees

 Foundation Logo

Jeff Knapp (Chair), Libertyville

Jim Drengwitz , Pontiac

Kim Zinman, Buffalo Grove

Gary Brauns, Greenville

Travis Wyatt, Newton

Mark Zotz, Eureka

Ex-Officio: Jason Leahy (Secretary), Springfield

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