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Member Benefits

The Illinois Principals Association is a membership organization currently serving over 5,000 educational leaders throughout the state of Illinois. Members include principals, assistant principals, deans, special education administrators, central office leaders, aspiring leaders and retired administrators. Further information on specific services provided, as well as cost of membership can be found below.

Professional Support

  • Legal Support - IPA offers legal assistance to members with regards to their job. IPA also maintains a large database of legal information, available in the members only section of the IPA website.
  • Contract Review - Members may have their contract reviewed by IPA Associate Director/General Counsel Brian Schwartz to guarantee it contains all appropriate employment and due process protections. A Model Principal's Contract is available to members in the members only section of the IPA website.
  • Salary Study - Members are provided with a copy of IPA's annual salary study.
  • Field Services - IPA employs six part-time Field Coordinators, each a retired principal, to be available to Members to provide support and encouragement when needed.
  • Research and Information Services
  • New Principal Support
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Resume Review



  • Full time Lobbyist in the Illinois General Assembly
  • Contacts with U.S. Congressmen and Senators


Illinois State Board of Education


National and State

  • Participation in key NASSP and NAESP Committees
  • Participation in Statewide Management Alliance lobbying activities
  • IPA will pay Illinois State Deans' Association membership dues for for full-paying dean members of IPA. Deans must select this option when registering for IPA membership. 



  • IPA Connect provides Members an opportunity to network, collaborate and encourage one-another in a dynamic, online learning community.
  • IPA is a great aid in developing professional networks that support and advance your career.
  • Through local, regional and statewide meetings, many opportunities exist to socialize with colleagues to share ideas and best practices.



Professional Growth

  • Face-to-Face and Online Administrator Academies at the Member rate for both teachers and non-administrative staff when the building Principal is an IPA Member.
  • Ed Leaders Network - On-demand access to online professional development provide by IPA, ISBE, and IARSS.
  • Podcasts
  • Region Activities - including Student Recognition and Secretary Appreciation programs
  • Professional Conferences
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • State and National Principal Recognition Programs and Awards
  • Joint Programs with NAESP and NASSP


Publications and Resources


Member Types

Administrator Members

Shall consist of those employed, full or part-time in elementary and secondary education, who have authority to recommend employment, transfer, promotion and retention of academic employees and/or are involved in the training/supervision of personnel for common schools of Illinois. This includes Type 75 Certified Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Vice Principals, Deans, Building-level Administrators, and Central Office Administrators.  Administrator members shall have full membership service. To calculate dues take the multiplier .00425 times your salary (Minimum of $270 and Maximum of $375)

Pay online with a credit card

Membership Enrollment Form

Chicago Public SD #299 Administrators - enroll online here - Enrollment Form (pdf)



Illinois Principals Association – Illinois State Deans’ Association Members

Open to all deans and includes full membership in ISDA. (IPA pays directly to ISDA $50 for your ISDA membership.)  Deans who are not members of their school district’s collective bargaining unit are eligible for full IPA-ISDA membership or affiliate IPA-ISDA membership.  Deans who are members of their school district’s collective bargaining unit are eligible for affiliate IPA-ISDA membership only.  Affiliate membership in IPA does not include legal counsel. 

Pay online with a credit card as an Affiliate IPA-ISDA member

Pay online with a credit card as a Full IPA-ISDA member

Membership Enrollment Form



Retired Members - $75.00

Shall be members who have retired from and have not re-entered the profession. They will have all rights of active membership except legal assistance.

Pay online with a credit card

Membership Enrollment Form



Professional Members - $100.00

Shall be employed in positions relating directly to education but are not in the same roles as active members. Examples are part-time University Professors, Regional Office Staff and employees of the State Board of Education. Professional members have all the rights of active membership except legal assistance.

Pay online with a credit card

Membership Enrollment Form



Aspiring Members - $50.00

Shall be limited to persons preparing or aspiring to professional positions which would qualify them as Active Members. Examples are teachers and graduate students. Aspiring Members are non-voting members, may not hold Regional or State office and may not receive legal assistance benefits. 

Pay online with a credit card

Membership Enrollment Form



Corporate Members - $250.00

Shall be corporations or representatives of businesses who wish to align themselves with the Profession or with the Association. Corporate membership carries no voting, legal assistance. Corporate members receive benefits as determined by the Board relating to publications, exhibiting at conference and serving on advisory committees. See Corporate Member benefits!

Pay online with a credit card

Membership Enrollment Form



University Principal Prep Faculty

The IPA Board of Directors approved extending a complimentary membership to all full-time principal prep faculty in Illinois in January of 2015. If you qualify for this membership and wish to join IPA, please reach out to



Life Members

Persons who held a life-membership in the Illinois Elementary School Principals Association prior to July 16, 1971 shall retain Membership in the Association for life. All Past-Presidents of the Association shall also retain Membership in the Association for life.


Member Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What benefits are there for being a Member?
 Professional Support; Representation at the State and National Levels; Networking; Professional Growth; Publications; Resources and Value Added Programs

Click here for a more complete list of Member Benefits.



Q: How much are the dues to join the IPA and do most districts pay for dues?
 Full administrative dues (principals, assistant principals, deans, supts.) are based on a multiplier of your salary.  Your salary  x .00425 = your annual IPA dues. There is a $270 minimum and $375 maximum on dues amounts.

Dues for other member categories:
Retired Administrators $75.00
Aspiring Administrators $50.00
Professional (part-time university professors, regional office staff, professional association staff) $100.00

It is estimated that approximately 86% of districts pay for their building administrators' IPA dues. (This is something that we can assist in negotiating into your contract.)



Q: Is an IPA membership based on the school calendar year?
 No, your IPA membership is good for 12 months starting the date you join.



Q: Can I join online and is the site secure?
 Yes and yes. Click here and select the appropriate Membership Enrollment Form that matches your job title. Our online dues applications are on a secure server.



Q: What does IPA do for the education community?
 We provide a wide variety of knowledge resources, learning experiences, and other tools and resources to help Members of the educational community grow and maximize their performance. We also serve as the voice for building administrators and advocate on their behalf.



Q: Who does IPA serve?
 We focus primarily on educational leaders at the building level. Our membership is a diverse mix of building administrators from both public and private schools at the elementary, middle and secondary school levels in rural, suburban and urban areas. Membership is comprised of principals, assistant principals, deans, special education directors, superintendent/principals, assistant superintendents, and regional superintendents. Teachers and other staff can also benefit by IPA membership. Many workshops, for example, are for teachers and they can attend at the discounted member rate if their principal is an IPA member.



Q: Why belong to IPA?
 The IPA is the largest professional learning network of school leaders in Illinois grounded in the belief that educational leaders impact both student and adult performance.  No other education association in Illinois can provide the comprehensive supports of professional development, networking and advocacy for school building leaders like the IPA.  In addition to a vast array of services, the IPA staff are only a phone call or click away to assist you with virtually anything to help you succeed in your job. This service mentality coupled with all the great benefits makes your IPA membership a true value.  Click here for a complete IPA staff listing.



Q: If I have questions about one of IPA's offerings, who do I contact?
 Call 217-525-1383 or e-mail We will make sure you get your question(s) answered. If you would like to contact a specific individual with a question or concern, our online staff directory includes titles, photos and basic responsibilities of each staff member.


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