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IPA Encourages Principal Appreciation in October

Lifetouch and the Illinois Principals Association invites you to celebrate National Principals Month this October which culminates with Principal Appreciation Week October 16th through the 22nd and Principal Appreciation Day on October 21st in Illinois.  This state-endorsed occasion honors the work and commitment of principals, assistant principals, deans and other building leaders in schools throughout Illinois.  Parents, school staff, and the community at-large are asked to perform some act(s) of appreciation to acknowledge the leadership provided by these educational leaders.  Below are a number of ideas or good acts that can be performed for your principal.


Governor's Proclamation
Bremen HSD 228
Round Lake CUSD 116
Warren CUSD 205
Amboy CUSD 272
Indian Prairie CUSD 204

Recognize Your Principal

Write to your principal

Write poems, letters or notes of appreciation and leave them on the desk of your principal.

Organize a breakfast

Order pastries, coffee and other breakfast items for your favorite administrator.  Arrive early and surprise your principal with breakfast ready and waiting in the office.  Get there early!  They will be.

Prepare souvenirs and specialty items

Print your principal’s name on coffee mugs, t-shirts, schoolbags etc. to advertise the efforts of your Principal.

Make Notes

Have your students write notes like “Well Done!” “Thank You” and “You’re Appreciated” and put them on the desk of your principal before he/she arrives at work.


Decorate the office and hallways of the school showing your appreciation for your principal.

Activities After School

Plan a reception at the end of the school day for teachers and staff to show appreciation and celebrate their principal.


Teachers can have their students send their principal thank you notes via email during computer class.

Flower Shower

Shower the principal with flowers from students and staff.

A Day to Reflect

Principals have little time for themselves while dealing with the immediate and urgent details of there job.  Give them a day to unplug, get away from the building, and take time to recharge and reflect on how they can be better leaders.

Say Thank You in a fresh way

Write the phrase “Thanks for a great year!” with each letter on a separate piece of paper.  Now attach the letters to the front of several students.  Arrange the students in the proper order to complete the phrase. Parade through the halls or office for the principal’s viewing pleasure.

Be creative and have fun!

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