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IPA Board Policy


The IPA Board of Directors is constitutionally charged with effectively governing the operations of the Association. The obligation to govern effectively imposes some fundamental duties on the Board:

1. The Board Clarifies the Associations Purpose

As its primary task, the Board continually defines, re-defines and articulates Association ends to answer the recurring question- who gets what benefits for how much? Definition and articulation occur by vision casting, setting goals, and developing appropriate policy.

2. The Board Connects With The Membership

The Board engages in an ongoing two-way conversation with the entire membership. The purpose of the conversation is to enable the Board to hear and understand the membership's aspirations and desires, to serve effectively as an advocate for Association improvement, and to inform the membership of the Association's performance.

3. The Board Employs an Executive Director

The Board employs and evaluates one person - the Executive Director- and holds that person accountable for the performance of the Association. Additionally, the Board holds the Executive Director responsible for employing and evaluating Association staff.

4. The Board Delegates Authority

The Board delegates authority to the Executive Director to manage the Association and provide leadership for the staff. Such authority is communicated through written policies and goals that define operating limits and specify ends desired by the Board.

5. The Board Monitors Performance

The Board constantly monitors progress toward Association ends and compliance with written Board policies.

6. The Board Takes Responsibility For Itself

The Board, collectively and individually, takes full responsibility for Board activity and behavior. Board deliberations and actions are limited to Board work, not staff work. The Board works not for individual benefit, rather in the best interest of the Association.


1. Organizational Structure of IPA

1.1 Ethics Acknowledgment for Board and Members
1.1 AP Ethics Acknowledgment for Board and Members
1.2 Organizational Structure
1.3 Alliance PAC
1.4 Board-Staff Relations
1.5 Gift Ban

2. Board of Director Governance

2.1 Executive Director
2.2 Selection of Chairpersons & Members of Standing & Ad-Hoc Committees
2.3 Open Meetings Provision & Posting of Agenda
2.4 Legislation, Platform Statement and Alliance PAC
2.5 Parliamentary Procedures
2.6 Election of Statewide Officers
2.7 Assessment of Association Operations
2.8 Voting by Ballot
2.85  Board Self-Evaluation Instrument

3. Regional Government

3.1 Annual Region Requirements
3.2 Region Financial Requirements
3.3 Region Constitution or Bylaws

4. Membership

4.1 Discipline of Members
4.2 Legal Assistance Program
4.3 Membership Awards
4.4 Payment of Membership Dues

5. Association Operations

5.1 Association Name & Logo
5.2 Website Guidelines
5.2AP Website Rules & Procedures
5.3 Whistle-blower Policy
5.4 Participation at Sate & National Meetings, Conferences & Events
5.5 Conference & Workshop Cancellation/Substitutions
5.6 Benefits for Past Presidents
5.7 Sale & Distribution of Mailing Labels
5.8 Media Relations
5.9 Dues Increases
5.10 Professional Services Contract
5.11 Records Retention Schedule
5.12 Protection from Suit
5.13 Copyright Policy
5.14 Communication with Members and NonMembers
5.15 Not for Profit Status

5.16 Participation in Outside Research Projects
5.17 Data Privacy

6. Staff

6.1 Travel Reimbursement
6.2 Acceptable Use Policy for Staff
6.3 Employee Use of Association Credit Cards

7. Finance

7.1 Investment Policy

8. Policy Development

8.1 Policy Development

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